Teen Truth or Dare,
written by teens for teens!

As its name would suggest, this is the well-known “Truth or Dare” game, also referred to as “Spin the Bottle”.

The rules are simple. One player, chosen at random, must answer a question or perform an action. If they refuse, or if their answer is unconvincing, they are given a forfeit and score no points.

The instructions have been specially written by teens for teens!
This game is off-limits for parents!.

Action Vérité Ado


Teen Truth or DareTeen Truth or Dare
Solidor Peg pour iPhone
  • Over 600 questions, actions and forfeits
  • Option to add your own instructions
  • Option to modify the original content (questions, actions and forfeits)
  • Unlimited number of players
  • Questions, actions and forfeits that sometimes involve other players
  • Possibility of changing players during the game
  • Scores can be accessed at any time
  • Play it on Facebook with your friends!
  • Works on iPods, iPhones and iPads (with a special interface)
  • Supports iPhone’s new Retina Display resolution
  • Compatible with iOS4 multitasking (essential for certain actions that use other programmes)

Parents can play the adult version of this game: "Hot Truth or Dare".

Teen Truth or Dare

Teen Truth or Dare

Version 1.0
Available at App Store



French, English


Compatible with iPhone,
iPod touch and iPad


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